All About Threads: Instagram’s Latest Twitter Challenger

As you might have heard from the news recently, Threads is the latest kid on the social network block. It is the brainchild of Zuckerberg and his Meta team and was then developed by the Instagram team.


Internally known by many as “Project 92”, Threads was launched globally on July 5 2023, accumulating more than 100 million users in just five days after. Threads provide a platform for posting and sharing texts with images and videos, similar to X (formerly Twitter). But let’s first take a closer look at Threads.


Threads Growing Users


What Are Meta’s Threads All About?


According to Meta, Threads aims to provide “a separate space for real-time updates and public conversations.” It was originally envisioned to be the counterpart of Instagram but for sharing texts. Like any other social media platform, Threads lets you follow other users. However, as of today, Threads is available exclusively to Instagram mobile users, which means you have to log in via your Instagram account to access and experience the platform on Android and iPhone. It does not have a desktop application.


Threads & Twitter Interface


Once you are already in the application, you will be greeted with a familiar look. Threads is meant to be an alternative and an answer to X. Nevertheless, it also serves as an extension to Instagram. Threads aim to be a microblogging platform, allowing you to post texts which can be accompanied by photos, videos or links. The platform also has a feature for thread-like responses.


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Threads Interface


Understanding Threads Features


Despite closely resembling Twitter/X and lacking a lot of features, Threads still has something beneficial to offer, primarily for Instagram users, with few features that are not widely talked about and advertised. Let’s take a closer look at these features and how they can enhance your experience using the application.


Instagram Integration


Perhaps its current biggest feature, Threads integrate with Instagram well. You can add a post to your Instagram story or share it to your Instagram feed, which treats it as any other Instagram post. You can also tweet your thread. Additionally, since Threads uses your Instagram account, any account or users you have blocked on Instagram will also reflect on Threads, which means you do not have to re-block them.


Sharing to Instagram feed


Following users is a bit different. When you set up your Threads account, you will be asked whether you want to follow all users your account follows on Instagram or choose some you wish to carry over.


Longer Posts for Free


Unlike Twitter/X, which has a limit of 280 characters and less than 3 minutes for videos for its non-paying users, users can post 500 characters and upload videos for as long as 5 minutes on Threads.


Quick Follow Feature


The Quick Follow feature lets you follow someone without going to their profile and clicking the “Follow” button. You can simply do this by tapping the “plus” sign next to the user’s handle.


Threads Quick Follow


While Threads apparently lacks a load of robust features down the line, we can expect more updates and changes in the near future. Threads, at this current stage, serves as more of a companion app for Instagram users that is ad-free and clutter-free for sharing microblogging posts with the people you closely follow on Instagram. Now let’s do a comparison between Threads and X.


Threads Versus X – What’s the Difference?


It’s difficult not to compare the two since Threads closely resembles the service that X offers. There are noticeable differences between accessibility to features and discovering content.


Availability, Posting & Content Discovery


Threads Versus Twitter Table Comparison 1


Both Threads and X are available on most smartphone devices. However, Threads is exclusive to Instagram users while X works with any email address, making the latter more widely available. When it comes to discovering content it becomes apparent that X has far more superiority in that department thanks to its advanced search features and the use of hashtags.




Threads Versus Twitter Table Comparison 2


When it comes to features, there is no competition here. X holds more unique features to offer for diverse users. While it is understandable that Threads is new with a brighter horizon for future updates and might have the potential, Threads feels limited.


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How to Sign Up for Threads?


As of now, there is no other way to sign up for Threads except through an Instagram account. For those who are without an Instagram account, they must download via Google Play Store or Apple Store and register to the platform. Once done, you can download the Threads app and it will instantly recognize your Instagram account without any other need for verification.


Signing Up for Threads




Despite lacking any unique features that will make it stand apart from the other platforms, Threads still holds promise with additional features slated to arrive soon to provide a better experience for users. Many are still looking into the bright side of what Threads might have to offer, especially for marketers looking to expand their online presence.


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