Gaius Walks
Case Study

Gaius Walks is a local e-commerce that sells premium luxury leather shoes at affordable prices for men.



Increase e-commerce sales and brand awareness.



The promotional and engagement ads were ran simultaneously, which led to an increase in e-commerce sales and website visitors.

Gaius Walks Products



More Website Traffic


Increase in sales


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Gaius Walks engaged OOm to help them increase the sales of their e-commerce store. Facebook marketing was proposed to target potential customers with interests related to their products. A promotional ad with percentage discount storewide was launched and clicking on the ad will lead to the e-commerce store where customers can make their purchase right away. An engagement ad with movie tickets giveaway was also launched with the objective to increase fan base. It garnered 1486 engagements and 40% more page likes which exposed the brand to a bigger group of audiences.

Gaius Walks Facebook Advertisement

Promotional Ad

Gaius Walks Facebook Advertisement

Engagement Ad

Fantastic experience working with OOM especially with Jay and Yu Yuan our account managers. The team has a strong sense of responsibility and has been efficient in delivering their tasks. They also manage to bring up our sales and provide us the best advice to get the best results. I would recommend OOM. Never regretted!


Director & Co-Founder

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