SEO Pricing in the Philippines

SEO Pricing In The Philippines


What you do with your digital marketing effort impacts your online business significantly. With the current digital landscape, SEO services in the Philippines are an excellent, must-have strategy that can help your business stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape. However, you will need the right tools, knowledge and techniques at hand to be successful. Investing in SEO services in the Philippines is essential for implementing an effective marketing strategy to improve your online presence. It’s important to note that SEO in the Philippines comes at a cost.


Whether you are a business owner looking to invest in SEO and want to gain insights into the landscape of SEO pricing in the Philippines to make the right decision, this post is for you.


How Much Does SEO Cost in the Philippines?


Philippines’ SEO prices vary, and it can range from as low as ₱15,000 – ₱100,000 or more per month. The range of SEO pricing depends on several factors, such as:

  • Size of the project
  • Size of the website
  • Level of competition in the industry
  • reputation and experience of the SEO agency


It is crucial to find a balance between cost and quality to ensure you get the best value for your investment. On the other hand, some SEO companies may offer an annual billing option, which is often cheaper if you plan to run an SEO campaign for an entire year. For example, instead of paying for a monthly cost of around ₱20,000 (which the total annual cost is ₱240,000), the annual service option of ₱20,000 will be ₱216,000 instead, saving you at least 10%.


Services Included in Services
Comprehensive SEO Audit Technical and content analysis
Keyword Research and Analysis Identifying target keywords and phrases
On-Page Optimization Optimizing website content and structure
Off-Page Optimization Building backlinks and online presence
Content Creation and Optimization Writing and optimizing website content
Local SEO Optimization Enhancing local business visibility
Technical SEO Improvements Fixing website issues for better performance
Monthly Progress Reports Tracking SEO performance and improvements
Regular Performance Analysis Monitoring keyword rankings and traffic
Monthly Cost ₱20,000
Annual Cost ₱216,000/year (Save 10%)


The most basic SEO package option includes basic SEO activities like keyword research and analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content enhancement, and analytics reports. Advanced or full SEO provides a more comprehensive list of services for full-scale optimization and implementation. We will further discuss the difference between basic and advanced SEO packages in the Philippines in the next section.


You can move above the tier package for more SEO services as needs become more complicated as long as your marketing budget allows. To determine whether a particular SEO service or package is worth the cost, consider the following:

  • cost per hour or project
  • expertise and experience of SEO agency
  • alignment and impact on your marketing goals
  • client reviews


Difference in Pricing Between Basic and Advanced SEO Agency Packages


Basic SEO packages typically cater to smaller businesses or SMEs that are starting their online presence. These bundled services include fundamental optimization such as keyword research, on-page optimization and basic content creation, which are enough to establish your online presence and give you visibility in search results. The starting price per month is around ₱ 15,000 to ₱ 20,000.


Advanced SEO packages are ideal for businesses seeking a more robust and comprehensive SEO approach to dominate the niche in SERP ranking or outperform bigger competitors in their industry market on search engine results. It includes a wide range of services and techniques. While it comes at higher costs, it tends to deliver greater levels of search engine visibility and holistic, organic traffic growth. The starting SEO Philippines price per month for advanced tier is around ₱ 30,000 and above.


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Here is a comparison chart of SEO services and activities on basic and advanced SEO packages.


Basic SEO package: Full, advanced SEO package:
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Content enhancement
  • Analytics reports
  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis
  • Advanced on-page optimization techniques
  • Extensive off-page optimization strategies
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • MPT Optimization
  • Technical SEO audit and implementation
  • Advanced analytics tracking and reporting


7 Factors That Affect The Cost of SEO Services in the Philippines


Now that we have understood and realized SEO is a powerful tool for your business, it’s about time we dig deeper, putting SEO services in the Philippines under the lens of scrutiny to unravel the subtle intricacies of their pricing.


The list of key factors below can contribute to making informed decisions about your marketing budget and utilizing SEO to its fullest potential.


The multitudes of key factors here can contribute to making informed decisions about your marketing budget and utilizing SEO to its fullest potential.


7 Factor

7 Factors That Affect The Cost of

SEO Services in the Philippines

Size and Type of Website

Competition Research

Keywords & Target Research

Number of Pages That Need to Be Optimized

Existing Backlink Profile

Technical Problems

Additional Services


Size and Type of Website


To understand the cost of SEO services in the Philippines, we need to consider the size and type of website involved. Websites are not created equal and can differ in terms of structure, complexity, and content volume. Larger websites, for instance, often have more extensive content with numerous pages. With this understanding, optimizing such websites will require more time, resources, and effort, resulting in a higher cost.


Competition Research


Competition research is a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape of a specific niche or industry. It lets you uncover potential competitors, opportunities, and working strategies to incorporate. How it affects SEO pricing Philippines lies in the complexity of specific SEO strategies needed. High and intense competition will require more robust and intricate SEO strategies since industry rivals will vie for top SERP ranking.


Keywords & Target Audience


Keywords are the building blocks of effective SEO strategies, from content creation to website optimization. A highly competitive keyword is often associated with broader search volumes, and in turn, requires more resources to rank. As the number of keywords and the level of competitiveness increase, so does the cost of investment.


Number of Pages that Need to be Optimized


The scope and complexity of optimization is affected by the number of web pages. More web pages equate to a more comprehensive and demanding approach as we have implied earlier. Nevertheless, smaller websites tend to require less optimization. We must understand that SEO professionals consider not only the homepage and high-traffic pages as valuable but also the subpages and other hidden content for a holistic optimization strategy. Thus, the higher the number of pages, the higher the pricing for the SEO package will be.


Existing Backlink Profile


A website’s backlink profile consists of links from external websites that help direct users to the target webpage or website. The level of relevance, quality, and quantity of these backlinks influence the site’s authority. Through the context of SEO service cost, backlinks may require monitoring, maintenance, and strategies that may dictate the overall cost of SEO.


Technical Problems


Technical problems introduce a layer of intricacies for the SEO process that can take more time, expertise, and resources to resolve. In most cases, SEO experts will conduct comprehensive website audits to identify underlying problems and weak points of the website’s technical framework. The diagnosis phase is laborious and requires detecting duplicate content, broken links, site speed, mobile compatibility, and other technical challenges. This kind of situation may require in-depth optimization, which can dictate the overall SEO price in the Philippines.


Additional Services


Other SEO-related services, such as content creation and optimization, link building, data reporting, etc., can expand the scope of work. Each service introduces specialized tasks and different efforts that collectively enhance your website’s visibility and ranking opportunity. Nevertheless, they can rack up the total cost as well. Still, they are worth incorporating into every SEO strategy for full advantage.


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Different Types of SEO Pricing Models



4 Different Types of

SEO Pricing Models



Hourly Rates



Each SEO company in the Philippines may use different SEO pricing models or structures, which explains why not all cost per company is the same. Understand that each model may vary in terms of flexibility and transparency.




Retainer-based is a common SEO pricing model where the client pays a fixed price for SEO services every month or annually. It involves a continuous commitment between the client and the agency, providing consistent SEO efforts. Retainer-based models are ideal for local businesses seeking long-term partnerships with a trusted SEO company.




The project-based SEO pricing model refers to an agreed specific scope of work between the client and the SEO vendor for a projected demand with a pre-agreed cost. It has clear actions and a timeline for the entirety of the project. The model is suitable for businesses with distinct goals and finite budgets.


Hourly Rates


In the hourly rate model, an SEO service provider charges the client for the actual time spent on the work. The agency tracks and logs time dedicated to various optimization activities such as keyword research, link building, and on-page optimization. The model offers flexibility as the client only pays for the exact amount of time spent on the task.




In the performance-based model, the SEO agency is paid based on the results achieved for the client. The compensation is tied to specific performance metrics aligned with targeted business goals. The payment could be based on generated leads, conversions, earned backlinks, organic traffic, etc. The performance benchmark and SEO Philippines price terms must be clear for both parties.


Freelance versus SEO Agency?


There are a few things in mind to consider when choosing a freelance and an SEO agency in the Philippines.


For one, freelancers are independent contractors. They work on a project-by-project basis and offer personalized attention for lower cost for SEO due to lower overhead. While they provide flexibility, they lack the resources and expertise to match larger agencies, especially if the project is complex and requires comprehensive solutions.


An SEO agency, on the other hand, is a specialized firm providing SEO services at full suite. They are composed of a team of experts who can handle various types of SEO with higher-level skill sets. They also have access to advanced tools, and methodologies and have a reputable record of previous successful campaigns to show to clients. Hence, their service comes at a higher cost than freelancers.


SEO Services Comparison (Philippines) Freelancer Agency
Keyword Research and Analysis check check
On-Page SEO Optimization check check
Content Creation and Optimization check check
Technical SEO Audit check check
Backlink Analysis and Building check
Local SEO Optimization check
E-commerce SEO (if applicable) Depends on freelancer's expertise check
Competitor Analysis check
Reporting and Analytics check check
Abilities Freelancer Agency
Flexibility in Pricing and Services check cross
Personalized Communication check cross
Direct Collaboration with One Individual check cross
Diverse Skill Sets and Expertise cross check
Access to a Team of Professionals cross check
Established Processes and Resources cross check


Level of Service Fee Range (Philippine Peso) Freelancer Professional Agency
Entry Level ₱10,000 - ₱25,000 Lower cost due to lower overhead Higher cost due to higher expertise and resources
Intermediate ₱25,000 - ₱50,000
Advanced ₱50,000 - ₱100,000
Expert ₱100,000+


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The cost of SEO services often varies depending on several factors, such as the complexity and size of your website, the scope of work, your industry, goals, keywords, and more. On average, small businesses and startups might need to spend roughly between ₱15,000 to ₱50,000 monthly, while large enterprises could invest ₱150,000 or more. It is always best to consult a trusted local SEO agency or professionals for personalized quotes.

The SEO pricing in the Philippines varies significantly depending on the expertise of the SEO provider and your goals. For low to mid rates, you can expect monthly costs to be around ₱15,000 to ₱100,000. On the other hand, high rates start from ₱150,000 to ₱300,000.

On a typical and average local SEO campaign, the cost should range between ₱20,000 to ₱100,000 per month depending on your geographic location, your business’s needs or goals, and the level of competition in the industry. As a rule of thumb, the greater the demands of your business and the level of competition, the higher the cost will be.

SEO can be expensive depending on the industry’s competitiveness, the scope of work, and your local campaign goals. If you are hiring a top-level SEO agency for a digital marketing campaign for a large enterprise, you can expect your cost to be around ₱150,000 or more per month. On the other hand, smaller enterprises can spend ₱15,000 or ₱40,000 SEO monthly for the basic package. It’s important to understand that SEO takes some time to deliver results. It also demands resources to maintain positive results.

Absolutely! SEO is a must-have strategy for long-term growth if you want to expand your reach and visibility in the digital landscape and attract organic traffic to your website. Nevertheless, the impact and value of SEO to your enterprise rely on specific goals and competitiveness in your industry.

There is no exact set cost for SEO services, but most small to medium-sized businesses can expect to allocate a budget of around ₱30,000 to ₱180,000 per month for SEO services, depending on their goals and the scope of work required to achieve the desired results.

SEO is a cost-effective option for targeting a broader market and audience when compared to Google Ads, which often requires increasing your budget to reach a wider audience. Thus, if you are on a more budget option, SEO is a better option for expanding your reach.

Investing in a monthly retainer with a trusted local SEO company is a tried-and-true strategy that yields results and is often recommended, especially for startups and smaller enterprises.

Hiring a trusted and experienced SEO agency is highly recommended, especially if you lack any in-house SEO experts and the expertise, time, and knowledge to manage SEO efforts on your own effectively.



SEO pricing in the Philippines varies on your needs, your website and the level of expertise and experience of an agency. If you are considering investing in SEO services, we must carefully evaluate the pricing options available. Nevertheless, the most suitable package for your business depends on your choice of agency and not just the pricing alone.


Choose only the most reliable SEO company in the Philippines with years of experience and know-how technicalities to walk you through determining the best strategy. Contact OOm PH at (02) 8283 3168 to start your SEO journey today!